Commit 6396d121 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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Fix flat.v which broke for some reason

Also update IRIS_VERSION because I can't be bothered to downgrade now...
parent 129cd4e8
-Q . iris_atomic
-Q iris iris
......@@ -305,9 +305,9 @@ Section proof.
iIntros (?) "(#? & #? & #? & HΦ)".
wp_seq. wp_let.
wp_bind (try_acquire _). iApply try_acquire_spec.
iFrame "#". iSplit; last by wp_if.
iFrame "#". iNext. iIntros ([]); last by (iIntros; wp_if).
(* acquired the lock *)
iIntros "Hlocked [Ho2 HR]".
iIntros "[Hlocked [Ho2 HR]]".
wp_if. wp_bind (! _)%E.
iInv N as "[H >Hm]" "Hclose".
iDestruct "H" as (xs' hd') "[>Hs [>Hxs HRs]]".
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