Commit 3d17d6a3 authored by Gaurav Parthasarathy's avatar Gaurav Parthasarathy Committed by Ralf Jung

implement and verify RDCSS (on integers only, for now)

parent 917d7705
......@@ -107,3 +107,6 @@ theories/logatom/snapshot/spec.v
From iris.algebra Require Import auth excl gmap.
From iris.base_logic.lib Require Export own invariants.
From iris.proofmode Require Import tactics.
From iris.heap_lang Require Export lang locations lifting.
Set Default Proof Using "Type".
Import uPred.
Definition gcN: namespace := nroot .@ "gc".
Definition gc_mapUR : ucmraT := gmapUR loc $ optionR $ exclR $ valC.
Definition to_gc_map (gcm: gmap loc val) : gc_mapUR := (λ v : val, Excl' v) <$> gcm.
Class gcG (Σ : gFunctors) := GcG {
gc_inG :> inG Σ (authR (gc_mapUR));
gc_name : gname
Arguments gc_name {_} _ : assert.
Class gcPreG (Σ : gFunctors) := {
gc_preG_inG :> inG Σ (authR (gc_mapUR))
Definition gcΣ : gFunctors :=
#[ GFunctor (authR (gc_mapUR)) ].
Instance subG_gcPreG {Σ} : subG gcΣ Σ gcPreG Σ.
Proof. solve_inG. Qed.
Section defs.
Context `{!invG Σ, !heapG Σ, gG: gcG Σ}.
Definition gc_inv_P: iProp Σ :=
(((gcm: gmap loc val), own (gc_name gG) ( to_gc_map gcm) ([ map] l v gcm, (l v)) ) )%I.
Definition gc_inv : iProp Σ := inv gcN gc_inv_P.
Definition gc_mapsto (l: loc) (v: val) : iProp Σ := own (gc_name gG) ( {[l := Excl' v]}).
Definition is_gc_loc (l: loc) : iProp Σ := own (gc_name gG) ( {[l := None]}).
End defs.
Section to_gc_map.
Lemma to_gc_map_valid gcm: to_gc_map gcm.
Proof. intros l. rewrite lookup_fmap. by case (gcm !! l). Qed.
Lemma to_gc_map_empty: to_gc_map = .
Proof. by rewrite /to_gc_map fmap_empty. Qed.
Lemma to_gc_map_singleton l v: to_gc_map {[l := v]} = {[l := Excl' v]}.
Proof. by rewrite /to_gc_map fmap_insert fmap_empty. Qed.
Lemma to_gc_map_insert l v gcm:
to_gc_map (<[l := v]> gcm) = <[l := Excl' v]> (to_gc_map gcm).
Proof. by rewrite /to_gc_map fmap_insert. Qed.
Lemma to_gc_map_delete l gcm :
to_gc_map (delete l gcm) = delete l (to_gc_map gcm).
Proof. by rewrite /to_gc_map fmap_delete. Qed.
Lemma lookup_to_gc_map_None gcm l :
gcm !! l = None to_gc_map gcm !! l = None.
Proof. by rewrite /to_gc_map lookup_fmap=> ->. Qed.
Lemma lookup_to_gc_map_Some gcm l v :
gcm !! l = Some v to_gc_map gcm !! l = Some (Excl' v).
Proof. by rewrite /to_gc_map lookup_fmap=> ->. Qed.
Lemma lookup_to_gc_map_Some_2 gcm l w :
to_gc_map gcm !! l = Some w v, gcm !! l = Some v.
rewrite /to_gc_map lookup_fmap. rewrite fmap_Some.
intros (x & Hsome & Heq). eauto.
Lemma lookup_to_gc_map_Some_3 gcm l w :
to_gc_map gcm !! l = Some (Excl' w) gcm !! l = Some w.
rewrite /to_gc_map lookup_fmap. rewrite fmap_Some.
intros (x & Hsome & Heq). by inversion Heq.
Lemma excl_option_included (v: val) y:
y Excl' v y y = Excl' v.
intros ? H. destruct y.
- apply Some_included_exclusive in H;[ | apply _ | done ].
setoid_rewrite leibniz_equiv_iff in H.
by rewrite H.
- apply is_Some_included in H.
+ by inversion H.
+ by eapply mk_is_Some.
Lemma gc_map_singleton_included gcm l v :
{[l := Some (Excl v)]} to_gc_map gcm gcm !! l = Some v.
rewrite singleton_included.
setoid_rewrite Some_included_total.
intros (y & Hsome & Hincluded).
pose proof (lookup_valid_Some _ _ _ (to_gc_map_valid gcm) Hsome) as Hvalid.
pose proof (excl_option_included _ _ Hvalid Hincluded) as Heq.
rewrite Heq in Hsome.
apply lookup_to_gc_map_Some_3.
by setoid_rewrite leibniz_equiv_iff in Hsome.
End to_gc_map.
Lemma gc_init `{!invG Σ, !heapG Σ, !gcPreG Σ} E:
(|==> _ : gcG Σ, |={E}=> gc_inv)%I.
iMod (own_alloc ( (to_gc_map ))) as (γ) "H●".
{ rewrite auth_auth_valid. exact: to_gc_map_valid. }
iExists (GcG Σ _ γ).
iAssert (gc_inv_P (gG := GcG Σ _ γ)) with "[H●]" as "P".
iExists _. iFrame.
by iApply big_sepM_empty.
iMod ((inv_alloc gcN E gc_inv_P) with "P") as "#InvGC".
iModIntro. iFrame "#".
Section gc.
Context `{!invG Σ, !heapG Σ, !gcG Σ}.
(* FIXME: still needs a constructor. *)
Global Instance is_gc_loc_persistent (l: loc): Persistent (is_gc_loc l).
Proof. rewrite /is_gc_loc. apply _. Qed.
Global Instance is_gc_loc_timeless (l: loc): Timeless (is_gc_loc l).
Proof. rewrite /is_gc_loc. apply _. Qed.
Global Instance gc_mapsto_timeless (l: loc) (v: val): Timeless (gc_mapsto l v).
Proof. rewrite /is_gc_loc. apply _. Qed.
Global Instance gc_inv_P_timeless: Timeless gc_inv_P.
Proof. rewrite /gc_inv_P. apply _. Qed.
Lemma make_gc l v E: gcN E gc_inv - l v ={E}= gc_mapsto l v.
iIntros (HN) "#Hinv Hl".
iMod (inv_open_timeless _ gcN _ with "Hinv") as "[P Hclose]"=>//.
iDestruct "P" as (gcm) "[H● HsepM]".
destruct (gcm !! l) as [v' | ] eqn: Hlookup.
- (* auth map contains l --> contradiction *)
iDestruct (big_sepM_lookup with "HsepM") as "Hl'"=>//.
by iDestruct (mapsto_valid_2 with "Hl Hl'") as %?.
- iMod (own_update with "H●") as "[H● H◯]".
apply lookup_to_gc_map_None in Hlookup.
apply (auth_update_alloc _ (to_gc_map (<[l := v]> gcm)) (to_gc_map ({[l := v]}))).
rewrite to_gc_map_insert to_gc_map_singleton.
pose proof (to_gc_map_valid gcm).
setoid_rewrite alloc_singleton_local_update=>//.
iMod ("Hclose" with "[H● HsepM Hl]").
+ iExists _.
iDestruct (big_sepM_insert with "[HsepM Hl]") as "HsepM"=>//; iFrame. iFrame.
+ iModIntro. by rewrite /gc_mapsto to_gc_map_singleton.
Lemma gc_is_gc l v: gc_mapsto l v - is_gc_loc l.
iIntros "Hgc_l". rewrite /gc_mapsto.
assert (Excl' v = (Excl' v) None)%I as ->. { done. }
rewrite -op_singleton auth_frag_op own_op.
iDestruct "Hgc_l" as "[_ H◯_none]".
Lemma is_gc_lookup_Some l gcm: is_gc_loc l - own (gc_name _) ( to_gc_map gcm) - v, gcm !! l = Some v.
iIntros "Hgc_l H◯".
iCombine "H◯ Hgc_l" as "Hcomb".
iDestruct (own_valid with "Hcomb") as %Hvalid.
apply auth_both_valid in Hvalid as [Hincluded Hvalid].
setoid_rewrite singleton_included in Hincluded.
destruct Hincluded as (y & Hsome & _).
eapply lookup_to_gc_map_Some_2.
by apply leibniz_equiv_iff in Hsome.
Lemma gc_mapsto_lookup_Some l v gcm: gc_mapsto l v - own (gc_name _) ( to_gc_map gcm) - gcm !! l = Some v .
iIntros "Hgc_l H●".
iCombine "H● Hgc_l" as "Hcomb".
iDestruct (own_valid with "Hcomb") as %Hvalid.
apply auth_both_valid in Hvalid as [Hincluded Hvalid].
by apply gc_map_singleton_included.
(** An accessor to make use of [gc_mapsto].
This opens the invariant *before* consuming [gc_mapsto] so that you can use
this before opening an atomic update that provides [gc_mapsto]!. *)
Lemma gc_access E:
gcN E
gc_inv ={E, E gcN}= l v, gc_mapsto l v -
(l v ( w, l w == gc_mapsto l w |={E gcN, E}=> True)).
iIntros (HN) "#Hinv".
iMod (inv_open_timeless _ gcN _ with "Hinv") as "[P Hclose]"=>//.
iIntros "!>" (l v) "Hgc_l".
iDestruct "P" as (gcm) "[H● HsepM]".
iDestruct (gc_mapsto_lookup_Some with "Hgc_l H●") as %Hsome.
iDestruct (big_sepM_delete with "HsepM") as "[Hl HsepM]"=>//.
iFrame. iIntros (w) "Hl".
iMod (own_update_2 with "H● Hgc_l") as "[H● H◯]".
{ apply (auth_update _ _ (<[l := Excl' w]> (to_gc_map gcm)) {[l := Excl' w]}).
eapply singleton_local_update.
{ by apply lookup_to_gc_map_Some in Hsome. }
by apply option_local_update, exclusive_local_update.
iDestruct (big_sepM_insert with "[Hl HsepM]") as "HsepM"; [ | iFrame | ].
{ apply lookup_delete. }
rewrite insert_delete. rewrite <- to_gc_map_insert.
iModIntro. iFrame.
iMod ("Hclose" with "[H● HsepM]"); [ iExists _; by iFrame | by iModIntro].
Lemma is_gc_access l E: gcN E gc_inv - is_gc_loc l ={E, E gcN}= v, l v (l v ={E gcN, E}= True).
iIntros (HN) "#Hinv Hgc_l".
iMod (inv_open_timeless _ gcN _ with "Hinv") as "[P Hclose]"=>//.
iDestruct "P" as (gcm) "[H● HsepM]".
iDestruct (is_gc_lookup_Some with "Hgc_l H●") as %Hsome.
destruct Hsome as [v Hsome].
iDestruct (big_sepM_lookup_acc with "HsepM") as "[Hl HsepM]"=>//.
iExists _. iFrame.
iIntros "Hl".
iMod ("Hclose" with "[H● HsepM Hl]"); last done.
iExists _. iFrame.
by (iApply ("HsepM" with "Hl")).
End gc.
This diff is collapsed.
From stdpp Require Import namespaces.
From iris.heap_lang Require Export lifting notation.
From iris.program_logic Require Export atomic.
From iris_examples.logatom.rdcss Require Export gc.
Set Default Proof Using "Type".
(** A general logically atomic interface for conditional increment. *)
Record atomic_rdcss {Σ} `{!heapG Σ, !gcG Σ} := AtomicRdcss {
(* -- operations -- *)
new_rdcss : val;
rdcss: val;
get : val;
(* -- other data -- *)
name : Type;
name_eqdec : EqDecision name;
name_countable : Countable name;
(* -- predicates -- *)
is_rdcss (N : namespace) (γ : name) (v : val) : iProp Σ;
rdcss_content (γ : name) (n : Z) : iProp Σ;
(* -- predicate properties -- *)
is_rdcss_persistent N γ v : Persistent (is_rdcss N γ v);
rdcss_content_timeless γ n : Timeless (rdcss_content γ n);
rdcss_content_exclusive γ n1 n2 : rdcss_content γ n1 - rdcss_content γ n2 - False;
(* -- operation specs -- *)
new_rdcss_spec N :
N ## gcN gc_inv -
{{{ True }}}
new_rdcss #()
{{{ lln γ, RET lln ; is_rdcss N γ lln rdcss_content γ 0 }}};
rdcss_spec N γ v lm (m1 n1 n2 : Z):
is_rdcss N γ v - is_gc_loc lm -
<<< (m n: Z), gc_mapsto lm #m rdcss_content γ n >>>
rdcss #lm v #m1 #n1 #n2 @((∖↑N)∖↑gcN)
<<< gc_mapsto lm #m rdcss_content γ (if decide (m = m1 n = n1) then n2 else n), RET #n >>>;
get_spec N γ v:
is_rdcss N γ v -
<<< (n : Z), rdcss_content γ n >>>
get v @(∖↑N)
<<< rdcss_content γ n, RET #n >>>;
Arguments atomic_rdcss _ {_} {_}.
Existing Instances
is_rdcss_persistent rdcss_content_timeless
name_countable name_eqdec.
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