Commit 097589c8 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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update build system; update Iris to latest master

parent fd6e6f17
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ COQ_VERSION=$(shell coqc --version | egrep -o 'version 8.[0-9]' | egrep -o '8.[0
ifeq ($(COQ_VERSION), 8.6)
COQ_MAKEFILE_FLAGS += -arg -w -arg -notation-overridden,-redundant-canonical-projection
COQ_MAKEFILE_FLAGS += -arg -w -arg -notation-overridden,-redundant-canonical-projection,-several-object-files
# Forward most targets to Coq makefile (with some trick to make this phony)
......@@ -20,19 +20,13 @@ all: Makefile.coq
clean: Makefile.coq
+@make -f Makefile.coq clean
find \( -name "*.v.d" -o -name "*.vo" -o -name "*.aux" -o -name "*.cache" -o -name "*.glob" -o -name "*.vio" \) -print -delete
find theories \( -name "*.v.d" -o -name "*.vo" -o -name "*.aux" -o -name "*.cache" -o -name "*.glob" -o -name "*.vio" \) -print -delete
rm -f Makefile.coq
# Create Coq Makefile
Makefile.coq: _CoqProject Makefile
@# we want to pass the correct name to coq_makefile or it will be confused.
# Create Coq Makefile. POSIX awk can't do in-place editing, but coq_makefile wants the real filename, so we do some file gymnastics.
Makefile.coq: _CoqProject Makefile awk.Makefile
coq_makefile $(COQ_MAKEFILE_FLAGS) -f _CoqProject -o Makefile.coq
mv Makefile.coq Makefile.coq.tmp
@# The sed script is for Coq 8.5 only, it fixes 'make verify'.
@# The awk script fixes 'make uninstall'.
sed 's/$$(COQCHK) $$(COQCHKFLAGS) $$(COQLIBS)/$$(COQCHK) $$(COQCHKFLAGS) $$(subst -Q,-R,$$(COQLIBS))/' < Makefile.coq.tmp \
| awk '/^uninstall:/{print "uninstall:";print "\tif [ -d \"$$(DSTROOT)\"$$(COQLIBINSTALL)/iris/ ]; then find \"$$(DSTROOT)\"$$(COQLIBINSTALL)/iris/ -name \"*.vo\" -print -delete; fi";getline;next}1' > Makefile.coq
rm Makefile.coq.tmp
mv Makefile.coq Makefile.coq.tmp && awk -f awk.Makefile Makefile.coq.tmp > Makefile.coq && rm Makefile.coq.tmp
# Install build-dependencies
......@@ -42,9 +36,10 @@ build-dep:
opam install coq-iris-atomic --deps-only $(YFLAG)
opam pin remove coq-iris-atomic
# some fiels that do *not* need to be forwarded to Makefile.coq
# Some files that do *not* need to be forwarded to Makefile.coq
Makefile: ;
_CoqProject: ;
awk.Makefile: ;
# Phony targets (i.e. targets that should be run no matter the timestamps of the involved files)
phony: ;
coq-iris e0789039ed0dcb01b6249fec2d5a36f66e5de21c
coq-iris 01d12014855abe6adaea20bbb35b1e9beadff14e
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