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Start working on a CHANGELOG.

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This file lists "large-ish" changes to the std++ Coq development, but not every
API-breaking change is listed.
## std++ 1.1.0 (unfinished)
New features:
- Many new lemmas about lists, vectors, sets, maps.
- Equivalence proofs between coq++ functions that have a different definition in
the Coq standard library, e.g. `List.nth`, `List.NoDop`.
- Type versions of the logical connectives and list predicates:
`TCOr`, `TCAnd`, `TCTrue`, `TCForall`, `TCForall2`.
- A connective `tc_opaque` to make definitions type class opaque.
- A type class `Infinite` for infinite types.
- A generic implementation to obtain fresh elements of infinite types.
- More theory about curry and uncurry functions on `gmap`.
- A generic `filter` and `zip_with` operation on finite maps.
- A type of generic trees for showing that arbitrary types are countable.
- Get rid of `Automatic Coercions Import`, it is deprecated.
- `Hint Mode` is now set for all operational type classes to make instance
search less likely to diverge.
- New type class `RelDecision` for decidable relations, and `EqDecision` is
defined in terms of it. This class allows to set `Hint Mode` properly.
- Use the flag `assert` of `Arguments` to make it more robust.
- The functions `imap` and `imap2` on lists are defined so that they enjoy more
definitional equalities.
- Theory about `fin` is moved to its own file `fin.v`.
- Rename `preserving``mono`.
Changes to notations:
- Operational type classes for lattice notations: `⊑`,`⊓`, `⊔`, `⊤` `⊥`.
- Replace `⊥` for disjointness with `##`, so that `⊥` can be used for the
bottom lattice element.
- All notations are now in `stdpp_scope` with scope `stdpp`
(formerly `C_scope` and `C`).
- Stronger binding for `.1` and `.2` that is compatible with ssreflect.
- Various changes to monadic notation to improve compatibility with Mtac2:
+ Pattern matching notation for monadic bind `'pat ← x; y` where `pat` can
be any Coq pattern.
+ Change the level of the do-notation.
+ `<$>` is left associative.
+ Notation `x ;; y` for `_ ← x; y`.
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