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Sets over A as A -> bool.

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(* Copyright (c) 2012-2015, Robbert Krebbers. *)
(* This file is distributed under the terms of the BSD license. *)
(** This file implements bsets as functions into Prop. *)
Require Export prelude.prelude.
Record bset (A : Type) : Type := mkBSet { bset_car : A bool }.
Arguments mkBSet {_} _.
Arguments bset_car {_} _ _.
Definition bset_all {A} : bset A := mkBSet (λ _, true).
Instance bset_empty {A} : Empty (bset A) := mkBSet (λ _, false).
Instance bset_singleton {A} `{ x y : A, Decision (x = y)} :
Singleton A (bset A) := λ x, mkBSet (λ y, bool_decide (y = x)).
Instance bset_elem_of {A} : ElemOf A (bset A) := λ x X, bset_car X x.
Instance bset_union {A} : Union (bset A) := λ X1 X2,
mkBSet (λ x, bset_car X1 x || bset_car X2 x).
Instance bset_intersection {A} : Intersection (bset A) := λ X1 X2,
mkBSet (λ x, bset_car X1 x && bset_car X2 x).
Instance bset_difference {A} : Difference (bset A) := λ X1 X2,
mkBSet (λ x, bset_car X1 x && negb (bset_car X2 x)).
Instance bset_collection {A} `{ x y : A, Decision (x = y)} :
Collection A (bset A).
split; [split| |].
* by intros x ?.
* by intros x y; rewrite <-(bool_decide_spec (x = y)).
* split. apply orb_prop_elim. apply orb_prop_intro.
* split. apply andb_prop_elim. apply andb_prop_intro.
* intros X Y x; unfold elem_of, bset_elem_of; simpl.
destruct (bset_car X x), (bset_car Y x); simpl; tauto.
Instance bset_elem_of_dec {A} x (X : bset A) : Decision (x X) := _.
Typeclasses Opaque bset_elem_of.
Global Opaque bset_empty bset_singleton bset_union
bset_intersection bset_difference.
......@@ -313,7 +313,7 @@ Section collection.
End leibniz.
Section dec.
Context `{ X Y : C, Decision (X Y)}.
Context `{ (x : A) (X : C), Decision (x X)}.
Lemma not_elem_of_intersection x X Y : x X Y x X x Y.
Proof. rewrite elem_of_intersection. destruct (decide (x X)); tauto. Qed.
Lemma not_elem_of_difference x X Y : x X Y x X x Y.
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