Commit bc5689ac authored by David Swasey's avatar David Swasey
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Support tighter precedence for x.1, x.2 notation.

parent e6ec2867
......@@ -1514,7 +1514,7 @@ Section ofe_fun_cmra.
{ intros x. specialize (Hf12 x).
destruct (cmra_extend n (f x) (f1 x) (f2 x)) as (y1&y2&?&?&?); eauto.
exists (y1,y2); eauto. }
exists (λ x, gg x.1), (λ x, gg x.2). split_and!=> -?; naive_solver.
exists (λ x, (gg x).1), (λ x, (gg x).2). split_and!=> -?; naive_solver.
Canonical Structure ofe_funR := CmraT (ofe_fun B) ofe_fun_cmra_mixin.
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