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let find_pat treat "Typeclass Opaque" definitions opaquely

In principle, we could now un-seal heap_mapsto, saved_prop_own etc., and mark them as "Typeclass Opaque", and ecancel would still work just as fast as it does now.
Thanks to Matthieu for pointing me to this unify feature.
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......@@ -389,7 +389,8 @@ It will search for the first subterm of the goal matching [pat], and then call [
with that subterm. *)
Ltac find_pat pat tac :=
match goal with |- context [?x] =>
unify pat x; tryif tac x then idtac else fail 2
unify pat x with typeclass_instances;
tryif tac x then idtac else fail 2
(** Coq's [firstorder] tactic fails or loops on rather small goals already. In
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