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Iris ownership.

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Require Export iris.model.
Definition inv {Σ} (i : positive) (P : iProp Σ) : iProp Σ :=
uPred_own (Res {[ i to_agree (Later (iProp_unfold P)) ]} ).
Arguments inv {_} _ _%I.
Definition ownP {Σ} (σ : istate Σ) : iProp Σ := uPred_own (Res (Excl σ) ).
Definition ownG {Σ} (m : icmra' Σ) : iProp Σ := uPred_own (Res m).
Instance: Params (@inv) 2.
Instance: Params (@ownP) 1.
Instance: Params (@ownG) 1.
Section ownership.
Context {Σ : iParam}.
Implicit Types r : res' Σ.
Implicit Types P : iProp Σ.
Implicit Types m : icmra' Σ.
(* Invariants *)
Global Instance inv_contractive i : Contractive (@inv Σ i).
intros n P Q HPQ.
apply (_: Proper (_ ==> _) iProp_unfold), Later_contractive in HPQ.
by unfold inv; rewrite HPQ.
Lemma inv_duplicate i P : inv i P (inv i P inv i P)%I.
by rewrite /inv -uPred.own_op Res_op
map_op_singleton agree_idempotent !(left_id _ _).
Lemma always_inv i P : ( inv i P)%I inv i P.
by apply uPred.always_own; rewrite Res_unit !ra_unit_empty map_unit_singleton.
(* physical state *)
Lemma ownP_twice σ1 σ2 : (ownP σ1 ownP σ2 : iProp Σ) False.
rewrite /ownP -uPred.own_op Res_op.
by apply uPred.own_invalid; intros (_&?&_).
(* ghost state *)
Global Instance ownG_ne n : Proper (dist n ==> dist n) (@ownG Σ).
Proof. by intros m m' Hm; unfold ownG; rewrite Hm. Qed.
Global Instance ownG_proper : Proper (() ==> ()) (@ownG Σ) := ne_proper _.
Lemma ownG_op m1 m2 : ownG (m1 m2) (ownG m1 ownG m2)%I.
Proof. by rewrite /ownG -uPred.own_op Res_op !(left_id _ _). Qed.
Lemma always_ownG_unit m : ( ownG (unit m))%I ownG (unit m).
by apply uPred.always_own; rewrite Res_unit !ra_unit_empty ra_unit_idempotent.
Lemma ownG_valid m : (ownG m) ( m).
Proof. by rewrite /ownG uPred.own_valid; apply uPred.valid_mono=> n [? []]. Qed.
(* inversion lemmas *)
Lemma inv_spec r n i P :
{n} r
(inv i P) n r wld r !! i ={n}= Some (to_agree (Later (iProp_unfold P))).
intros [??]; rewrite /uPred_holds/=res_includedN/=singleton_includedN; split.
* intros [(P'&Hi&HP) _]; rewrite Hi.
by apply Some_dist, symmetry, agree_valid_includedN,
(cmra_included_includedN _ P'),HP; apply map_lookup_validN with (wld r) i.
* intros ?; split_ands; try apply cmra_empty_least; eauto.
Lemma ownG_spec r n m : (ownG m) n r m {n} gst r.
rewrite /uPred_holds /= res_includedN; naive_solver (apply cmra_empty_least).
End ownership.
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