Commit 7209226c authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Invariants are AlwaysStable.

parent f5f9e7ff
......@@ -25,15 +25,14 @@ Proof.
apply (_: Proper (_ ==> _) iProp_unfold), Later_contractive in HPQ.
by unfold inv; rewrite HPQ.
Lemma inv_duplicate i P : inv i P (inv i P inv i P)%I.
by rewrite /inv -uPred.own_op Res_op
map_op_singleton agree_idempotent !(left_id _ _).
Lemma always_inv i P : ( inv i P)%I inv i P.
by apply uPred.always_own; rewrite Res_unit !ra_unit_empty map_unit_singleton.
Global Instance inv_always_stable i P : AlwaysStable (inv i P).
Proof. by rewrite /AlwaysStable always_inv. Qed.
Lemma inv_sep_dup i P : inv i P (inv i P inv i P)%I.
Proof. apply (uPred.always_sep_dup' _). Qed.
(* physical state *)
Lemma ownP_twice σ1 σ2 : (ownP σ1 ownP σ2 : iProp Σ) False.
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