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Instance for `Absorbing (P → Q)`.

Note sure whether these premises are the weakest possible.
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......@@ -1689,6 +1689,13 @@ Global Instance exist_absorbing {A} (Φ : A → PROP) :
( x, Absorbing (Φ x)) Absorbing ( x, Φ x).
Proof. rewrite /Absorbing=> ?. rewrite absorbingly_exist. auto using exist_mono. Qed.
Global Instance impl_absorbing P Q :
Persistent P Absorbing P Absorbing Q Absorbing (P Q).
intros. rewrite /Absorbing. apply impl_intro_l.
rewrite persistent_and_affinely_sep_l_1 absorbingly_sep_r.
by rewrite -persistent_and_affinely_sep_l impl_elim_r.
Global Instance internal_eq_absorbing {A : ofeT} (x y : A) :
Absorbing (x y : PROP)%I.
Proof. by rewrite /Absorbing absorbingly_internal_eq. Qed.
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