Commit ac2fe511 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Fix `iDestruct foo as #pat` when `foo` contains a `>[...]` spec pattern.

In this case, we cannot use all the hypotheses for proving the premises as well
as for the remaining goal.
parent a68ee609
......@@ -15,6 +15,9 @@ Inductive spec_pat :=
| SName : string spec_pat
| SForall : spec_pat.
Definition spec_pat_modal (p : spec_pat) : bool :=
match p with SGoal g => spec_goal_modal g | _ => false end.
Module spec_pat.
Inductive token :=
| TName : string token
......@@ -332,16 +332,21 @@ Local Tactic Notation "iSpecializePat" constr(H) constr(pat) :=
persistent. If so, one can use all spatial hypotheses for both proving the
premises and the remaning goal. The argument [p] can either be a Boolean or an
introduction pattern, which will be coerced into [true] when it solely contains
`#` or `%` patterns at the top-level. *)
`#` or `%` patterns at the top-level.
In case the specialization pattern in [t] states that the modality of the goal
should be kept for one of the premises (i.e. [>[H1 .. Hn]] is used) then [p]
defaults to [false] (i.e. spatial hypotheses are not preserved). *)
Tactic Notation "iSpecializeCore" open_constr(t) "as" constr(p) :=
let p := intro_pat_persistent p in
let t :=
match type of t with string => constr:(ITrm t hnil "") | _ => t end in
lazymatch t with
| ITrm ?H ?xs ?pat =>
let pat := spec_pat.parse pat in
lazymatch type of H with
| string =>
lazymatch p with
lazymatch eval compute in (p && negb (existsb spec_pat_modal pat)) with
| true =>
eapply tac_specialize_persistent_helper with _ H _ _ _;
[env_cbv; reflexivity || fail "iSpecialize:" H "not found"
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