Commit ab19e50e authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Allow intro_patterns for destructing existentials using iDestruct.

parent b5fcf2eb
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ Lemma acquire_spec l R (Φ : val → iProp) :
iIntros "[Hl HΦ]". iDestruct "Hl" as {N γ} "(%&#?&#?)".
iLöb as "IH". wp_rec. wp_focus (CAS _ _ _)%E.
iInv N as "Hinv". iDestruct "Hinv" as {b} "[Hl HR]"; destruct b.
iInv N as "Hinv". iDestruct "Hinv" as { [] } "[Hl HR]".
- wp_cas_fail. iSplitL "Hl".
+ iNext. iExists true. by iSplit.
+ wp_if. by iApply "IH".
......@@ -402,13 +402,16 @@ Tactic Notation "iExists" uconstr(x1) "," uconstr(x2) "," uconstr(x3) ","
uconstr(x8) :=
iExists x1; iExists x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8.
Local Tactic Notation "iExistDestruct" constr(H) "as" ident(x) constr(Hx) :=
Local Tactic Notation "iExistDestruct" constr(H)
"as" simple_intropattern(x) constr(Hx) :=
eapply tac_exist_destruct with H _ Hx _ _; (* (i:=H) (j:=Hx) *)
[env_cbv; reflexivity || fail "iExistDestruct:" H "not found"
|let P := match goal with |- ExistDestruct ?P _ => P end in
apply _ || fail "iExistDestruct:" H ":" P "not an existential"|];
intros x; eexists; split;
[env_cbv; reflexivity || fail "iExistDestruct:" Hx "not fresh"|].
let y := fresh in
intros y; eexists; split;
[env_cbv; reflexivity || fail "iExistDestruct:" Hx "not fresh"
|revert y; intros x].
(** * Destruct tactic *)
Local Tactic Notation "iDestructHyp" constr(H) "as" constr(pat) :=
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