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specialized lifting lemma for our language (well, really for all ectx-based languages)

parent fbd0f2b1
......@@ -43,8 +43,6 @@ Qed.
(* TODO RJ: Figure out some better way to make the
postcondition a predicate over a *location* *)
(* TODO RJ: There is probably a specialized version of the lifting
lemma that would be useful here. *)
Lemma wp_alloc E σ v:
ownP (Σ:=Σ) σ wp (Σ:=Σ) E (Alloc (v2e v))
(λ v', l, (v' = LocV l σ !! l = None) ownP (Σ:=Σ) (<[l:=v]>σ)).
......@@ -140,3 +138,25 @@ Proof.
apply sep_mono; last reflexivity.
rewrite -wp_value'; reflexivity.
Lemma wp_lift_pure_step E (φ : expr Prop) Q e1 :
to_val e1 = None
( σ1, reducible e1 σ1)
( σ1 e2 σ2 ef, prim_step e1 σ1 e2 σ2 ef σ1 = σ2 ef = None φ e2)
( e2, φ e2 wp (Σ:=Σ) E e2 Q) wp (Σ:=Σ) E e1 Q.
intros He Hsafe Hstep.
(* RJ: working around *)
etransitivity; last eapply wp_lift_pure_step with
(φ0 := λ e' ef, ef = None φ e'); last first.
- intros σ1 e2 σ2 ef Hstep'%prim_ectx_step; last done.
by apply Hstep.
- intros σ1. destruct (Hsafe σ1) as (e' & σ' & ? & ?).
do 3 eexists. exists EmptyCtx. do 2 eexists.
split_ands; try (by rewrite fill_empty); eassumption.
- done.
- apply later_mono. apply forall_mono=>e2. apply forall_intro=>ef.
apply impl_intro_l. apply const_elim_l; move=>[-> Hφ].
eapply const_intro_l; first eexact Hφ. rewrite impl_elim_r.
rewrite right_id. done.
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