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Introduce `set_bind` and associated lemmas + set_bind theory: revise setoid rewriting

Paolo G. Giarrusso requested to merge Blaisorblade/stdpp:set_bind into master

This is @dfrumin's !383 (closed) (with authorship preserved) + some tweaks to setoid rewriting:

  • strengthen set_bind_subset to have the same arity
  • add missing Params instance to prevent slow failures in setoid rewriting
  • Proper instances can be proven before set_bind_ext via set_solver.
  • set_bind_ext is then provable by set_solver directly.

I originally sent dfrumin/coq-stdpp!1 (closed) to be added into !383 (closed), but maybe it's easier with this MR? @robbertkrebbers up to you.

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