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Add lemma `tc_finite_sn`.

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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
These are particularly useful as we define the operational semantics as a
small step semantics. *)
From Coq Require Import Wf_nat.
From stdpp Require Export tactics base.
From stdpp Require Export sets.
Set Default Proof Using "Type".
(** * Definitions *)
......@@ -280,6 +280,22 @@ Section properties.
Lemma wn_step_rtc x y : wn R y rtc R x y wn R x.
Proof. induction 2; eauto using wn_step. Qed.
(** An acyclic relation that can only take finitely many steps is strongly
normalizing *)
Lemma tc_finite_sn x : Irreflexive (tc R) pred_finite (tc R x) sn R x.
intros Hirr [xs Hfin]. remember (length xs) as n eqn:Hn.
revert x xs Hn Hfin.
induction (lt_wf n) as [n _ IH]; intros x xs -> Hfin.
constructor; simpl; intros x' Hxx'.
assert (x' xs) as (xs1&xs2&->)%elem_of_list_split by eauto using tc_once.
refine (IH (length xs1 + length xs2) _ _ (xs1 ++ xs2) _ _);
[rewrite app_length; simpl; lia..|].
intros x'' Hx'x''. feed pose proof (Hfin x'') as Hx''; [by econstructor|].
cut (x' x''); [set_solver|].
intros ->. by apply (Hirr x'').
(** The following theorem requires that [red R] is decidable. The intuition
for this requirement is that [wn R] is a very "positive" statement as it
points out a particular trace. In contrast, [sn R] just says "this also holds
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