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Alternative versions of finite/infinite predicates in terms of sets.

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...@@ -325,4 +325,21 @@ Proof. ...@@ -325,4 +325,21 @@ Proof.
refine (cast_if (decide (Exists P (elements X)))); refine (cast_if (decide (Exists P (elements X))));
by rewrite set_Exists_elements. by rewrite set_Exists_elements.
Defined. Defined.
(** Alternative versions of finite and infinite predicates *)
Lemma pred_finite_set (P : A Prop) :
pred_finite P ( X : C, x, P x x X).
- intros [xs Hfin]. exists (list_to_set xs). set_solver.
- intros [X Hfin]. exists (elements X). set_solver.
Lemma pred_infinite_set (P : A Prop) :
pred_infinite P ( X : C, x, P x x X).
- intros Hinf X. destruct (Hinf (elements X)). set_solver.
- intros Hinf xs. destruct (Hinf (list_to_set xs)). set_solver.
End fin_set. End fin_set.
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