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Let set_solver handle some list connectives.

parent 803876ee
......@@ -303,11 +303,29 @@ Section of_option_list.
Global Instance set_unfold_of_option (mx : option A) x :
SetUnfold (x of_option mx) (mx = Some x).
Proof. constructor; apply elem_of_of_option. Qed.
Global Instance set_unfold_of_list (l : list A) x :
SetUnfold (x of_list l) (x l).
Proof. constructor; apply elem_of_of_list. Qed.
Global Instance set_unfold_of_list (l : list A) x P :
SetUnfold (x l) P SetUnfold (x of_list l) P.
Proof. constructor. by rewrite elem_of_of_list, (set_unfold (x l) P). Qed.
End of_option_list.
Section list_unfold.
Context {A : Type}.
Implicit Types x : A.
Implicit Types l : list A.
Global Instance set_unfold_nil x : SetUnfold (x []) False.
Proof. constructor; apply elem_of_nil. Qed.
Global Instance set_unfold_cons x y l P :
SetUnfold (x l) P SetUnfold (x y :: l) (x = y P).
Proof. constructor. by rewrite elem_of_cons, (set_unfold (x l) P). Qed.
Global Instance set_unfold_app x l k P Q :
SetUnfold (x l) P SetUnfold (x k) Q SetUnfold (x l ++ k) (P Q).
intros ??; constructor.
by rewrite elem_of_app, (set_unfold (x l) P), (set_unfold (x k) Q).
End list_unfold.
(** * Guard *)
Global Instance collection_guard `{CollectionMonad M} : MGuard M :=
λ P dec A x, match dec with left H => x H | _ => end.
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