Commit c67d6a8f authored by Fengmin Zhu's avatar Fengmin Zhu Committed by Michael Sammler
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Add lemmas about testbit on bounded integers

parent 77cb2b8a
......@@ -486,6 +486,48 @@ Lemma Zmod_in_range q a c :
a `mod` c = a - q * c.
Proof. intros ?. symmetry. apply Z.mod_unique_pos with q; lia. Qed.
Lemma Z_bounded_iff_bits_nonneg k n :
0 k 0 n
n < 2^k l, k l Z.testbit n l = false.
intros. destruct (decide (n = 0)) as [->|].
{ naive_solver eauto using Z.bits_0, Z.pow_pos_nonneg with lia. }
{ intros Hb%Z.log2_lt_pow2 l Hl; [|lia]. apply Z.bits_above_log2; lia. }
intros Hl. apply Z.nle_gt; intros ?.
assert (Z.testbit n (Z.log2 n) = false) as Hbit.
{ apply Hl, Z.log2_le_pow2; lia. }
by rewrite Z.bit_log2 in Hbit by lia.
(* Goals of the form [0 ≤ n ≤ 2^k] appear often. So we also define the
derived version [Z_bounded_iff_bits_nonneg'] that does not require
proving [0 ≤ n] twice in that case. *)
Lemma Z_bounded_iff_bits_nonneg' k n :
0 k 0 n
0 n < 2^k l, k l Z.testbit n l = false.
Proof. intros ??. rewrite <-Z_bounded_iff_bits_nonneg; lia. Qed.
Lemma Z_bounded_iff_bits k n :
0 k
-2^k n < 2^k l, k l Z.testbit n l = bool_decide (n < 0).
intros Hk.
case_bool_decide; [ | rewrite <-Z_bounded_iff_bits_nonneg; lia].
assert(n = - Z.abs n)%Z as -> by lia.
{ intros [? _] l Hl.
rewrite Z.bits_opp, negb_true_iff by lia.
apply Z_bounded_iff_bits_nonneg with k; lia. }
intros Hbit. split.
- rewrite <-Z.opp_le_mono, <-Z.lt_pred_le.
apply Z_bounded_iff_bits_nonneg; [lia..|]. intros l Hl.
rewrite <-negb_true_iff, <-Z.bits_opp by lia.
by apply Hbit.
- etrans; [|apply Z.pow_pos_nonneg]; lia.
Local Close Scope Z_scope.
(** * Injectivity of casts *)
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