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Put `Dom` as first argument of `FinMapDom`.

This way, type class search will fail immediately on first type
class constraint of any of the `fin_map_dom` lemmas if no `Dom`
can be found.
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......@@ -6,10 +6,10 @@ function in a generic way, to allow more efficient implementations. *)
From stdpp Require Export collections fin_maps.
Set Default Proof Using "Type*".
Class FinMapDom K M D `{FMap M,
Class FinMapDom K M D `{ A, Dom (M A) D, FMap M,
A, Lookup K A (M A), A, Empty (M A), A, PartialAlter K A (M A),
OMap M, Merge M, A, FinMapToList K A (M A), EqDecision K,
A, Dom (M A) D, ElemOf K D, Empty D, Singleton K D,
ElemOf K D, Empty D, Singleton K D,
Union D, Intersection D, Difference D} := {
finmap_dom_map :>> FinMap K M;
finmap_dom_collection :>> Collection K D;
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