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Lemmas for lookup on mjoin

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......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ API-breaking change is listed.
## std++ master
- Add lemmas for lookup on `mjoin` for lists (by Michael Sammler).
- Rename `Is_true_false``Is_true_false_2` and `eq_None_ne_Some``eq_None_ne_Some_1`.
The following `sed` script should perform most of the renaming
......@@ -1233,6 +1233,11 @@ Proof.
- intros [??]. by rewrite lookup_take.
Lemma elem_of_take x n l : x take n l i, l !! i = Some x i < n.
rewrite elem_of_list_lookup. setoid_rewrite lookup_take_Some. naive_solver.
Lemma take_alter f l n i : n i take n (alter f i l) = take n l.
intros. apply list_eq. intros j. destruct (le_lt_dec n j).
......@@ -210,8 +210,60 @@ Section sum_list.
Lemma sum_list_replicate n m : sum_list (replicate m n) = m * n.
Proof. induction m; simpl; auto. Qed.
Lemma sum_list_fmap_same n l f :
Forall (λ x, f x = n) l
sum_list (f <$> l) = length l * n.
Proof. induction 1; csimpl; lia. Qed.
Lemma sum_list_fmap_const l n :
sum_list ((λ _, n) <$> l) = length l * n.
Proof. by apply sum_list_fmap_same, Forall_true. Qed.
End sum_list.
(** ** Properties of the [mjoin] function that rely on [sum_list] *)
Section mjoin.
Context {A : Type}.
Implicit Types x y z : A.
Implicit Types l k : list A.
Implicit Types ls : list (list A).
Lemma join_lookup_Some ls i x :
mjoin ls !! i = Some x j l i', ls !! j = Some l l !! i' = Some x
i = sum_list (length <$> take j ls) + i'.
revert i. induction ls as [|l ls IH]; csimpl; intros i.
{ setoid_rewrite lookup_nil. naive_solver. }
rewrite lookup_app_Some, IH. split.
- destruct 1 as [?|(?&?&?&?&?&?&?)].
+ eexists 0. naive_solver.
+ eexists (S _); naive_solver lia.
- destruct 1 as [[|?] ?]; naive_solver lia.
Lemma join_lookup_Some_same_length n ls i x :
Forall (λ l, length l = n) ls
mjoin ls !! i = Some x j l i', ls !! j = Some l l !! i' = Some x
i = j * n + i'.
intros Hl. rewrite join_lookup_Some.
f_equiv; intros j. f_equiv; intros l. f_equiv; intros i'.
assert (ls !! j = Some l j < length ls) by eauto using lookup_lt_Some.
rewrite (sum_list_fmap_same n), take_length by auto using Forall_take.
naive_solver lia.
Lemma join_lookup_Some_same_length' n ls j i x :
Forall (λ l, length l = n) ls
i < n
mjoin ls !! (j * n + i) = Some x l, ls !! j = Some l l !! i = Some x.
intros. rewrite join_lookup_Some_same_length by done.
split; [|naive_solver].
destruct 1 as (j'&l'&i'&?&?&Hj); decompose_Forall.
assert (i' < length l') by eauto using lookup_lt_Some.
apply Nat_mul_split_l in Hj; naive_solver.
End mjoin.
(** ** Properties of the [max_list] function *)
Section max_list.
Context {A : Type}.
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