Commit 8389dcbf authored by Johannes Kloos's avatar Johannes Kloos
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Provide a type class for infinite types.

Infinity is described by having an injection from nat.
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......@@ -1125,6 +1125,13 @@ Class FreshSpec A C `{ElemOf A C,
is_fresh (X : C) : fresh X X
(** The class [Infinite] axiomatizes types with infinitely many elements
by giving an injection from the natural numbers into the type. It is mostly
used to provide a generic [fresh] algorithm. *)
Class Infinite A :=
{ inject: nat A;
inject_injective:> Inj (=) (=) inject }.
(** * Miscellaneous *)
Class Half A := half: A A.
Hint Mode Half ! : typeclass_instances.
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