Commit 60c6845c authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung Committed by Robbert Krebbers
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coPset: some lemmas about infinity

Proofs by Joshua Yanowski
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......@@ -453,3 +453,10 @@ Proof.
exists (coPset_l X), (coPset_r X); eauto 10 using coPset_lr_union,
coPset_lr_disjoint, coPset_l_finite, coPset_r_finite.
Lemma coPset_split_infinite (X : coPset) :
set_infinite X
X1 X2, X = X1 X2 X1 X2 = set_infinite X1 set_infinite X2.
setoid_rewrite coPset_infinite_finite.
eapply coPset_split.
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