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Prove better correspondence between Permutation and contains.

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......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ Qed.
Lemma finite_injective_Permutation `{Finite A} `{Finite B} (f : A B)
`{!Injective (=) (=) f} : card A = card B f <$> enum A enum B.
intros. apply contains_Permutation.
intros. apply contains_Permutation_length_eq.
* by rewrite fmap_length.
* by apply finite_injective_contains.
......@@ -1693,22 +1693,26 @@ Lemma Permutation_contains l1 l2 : l1 ≡ₚ l2 → l1 `contains` l2.
Proof. induction 1; econstructor; eauto. Qed.
Lemma sublist_contains l1 l2 : l1 `sublist` l2 l1 `contains` l2.
Proof. induction 1; constructor; auto. Qed.
Lemma contains_Permutation_alt l1 l2 :
Lemma contains_Permutation l1 l2 : l1 `contains` l2 k, l2 l1 ++ k.
induction 1 as
[|x y l ? [k Hk]| |x l1 l2 ? [k Hk]|l1 l2 l3 ? [k Hk] ? [k' Hk']].
* by eexists [].
* exists k. by rewrite Hk.
* eexists []. rewrite (right_id_L [] (++)). by constructor.
* exists (x :: k). by rewrite Hk, Permutation_middle.
* exists (k ++ k'). by rewrite Hk', Hk, (associative_L (++)).
Lemma contains_Permutation_length_le l1 l2 :
length l2 length l1 l1 `contains` l2 l1 l2.
intros Hl21 Hl12. revert Hl21. elim Hl12; clear l1 l2 Hl12; simpl.
* constructor.
* constructor; auto with lia.
* constructor; auto with lia.
* intros x l1 l2 ? IH ?. feed specialize IH; [lia|].
apply Permutation_length in IH. lia.
* intros l1 l2 l3 Hl12 ? Hl23 ?.
apply contains_length in Hl12. apply contains_length in Hl23.
transitivity l2; auto with lia.
Lemma contains_Permutation l1 l2 :
intros Hl21 Hl12. destruct (contains_Permutation l1 l2) as [[|??] Hk]; auto.
* by rewrite Hk, (right_id_L [] (++)).
* rewrite Hk, app_length in Hl21; simpl in Hl21; lia.
Lemma contains_Permutation_length_eq l1 l2 :
length l2 = length l1 l1 `contains` l2 l1 l2.
Proof. intro. apply contains_Permutation_alt. lia. Qed.
Proof. intro. apply contains_Permutation_length_le. lia. Qed.
Global Instance: Proper (() ==> () ==> iff) (@contains A).
......@@ -1719,7 +1723,7 @@ Proof.
transitivity k2. done. by apply Permutation_contains.
Global Instance: AntiSymmetric () (@contains A).
Proof. red. auto using contains_Permutation_alt, contains_length. Qed.
Proof. red. auto using contains_Permutation_length_le, contains_length. Qed.
Lemma contains_take l i : take i l `contains` l.
Proof. auto using sublist_take, sublist_contains. Qed.
......@@ -1839,7 +1843,9 @@ Proof. by apply contains_inserts_l, contains_inserts_r. Qed.
Lemma Permutation_alt l1 l2 :
l1 l2 length l1 = length l2 l1 `contains` l2.
split. by intros Hl; rewrite Hl. intros [??]; auto using contains_Permutation.
* by intros Hl; rewrite Hl.
* intros [??]; auto using contains_Permutation_length_eq.
Lemma NoDup_contains l k : NoDup l ( x, x l x k) l `contains` k.
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