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`SetUnfold` instances for `reverse` and `fmap` on lists.

This closes issue #36.
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......@@ -286,6 +286,18 @@ Section set_unfold_list.
constructor; unfold subseteq, list_subseteq.
apply forall_proper; naive_solver.
Global Instance set_unfold_reverse x l P :
SetUnfoldElemOf x l P SetUnfoldElemOf x (reverse l) P.
Proof. constructor. by rewrite elem_of_reverse, (set_unfold_elem_of x l P). Qed.
Global Instance set_unfold_list_fmap {B} (f : A B) l P :
( y, SetUnfoldElemOf y l (P y))
SetUnfoldElemOf x (f <$> l) ( y, x = f y P y).
constructor. rewrite elem_of_list_fmap. f_equiv; intros y.
by rewrite (set_unfold_elem_of y l (P y)).
End set_unfold_list.
Ltac set_unfold :=
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