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Add `Inj2` instance for singleton on maps.

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......@@ -622,6 +622,15 @@ Proof. by rewrite lookup_singleton_None. Qed.
Lemma lookup_total_singleton_ne `{!Inhabited A} i j (x : A) :
i j ({[i := x]} : M A) !!! j = inhabitant.
Proof. intros. by rewrite lookup_total_alt, lookup_singleton_ne. Qed.
Global Instance map_singleton_inj {A} : Inj2 (=) (=) (=) (singletonM (M:=M A)).
intros i1 x1 i2 x2 Heq%(f_equal (lookup i1)).
rewrite lookup_singleton in Heq. destruct (decide (i1 = i2)) as [->|].
- rewrite lookup_singleton in Heq. naive_solver.
- rewrite lookup_singleton_ne in Heq by done. naive_solver.
Lemma map_non_empty_singleton {A} i (x : A) : {[i := x]} ( : M A).
intros Hix. apply (f_equal (.!! i)) in Hix.
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