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introduce "fast_done", a tactic that *quickly* tries to solve the goal

parent 4c68a044
......@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@ Ltac set_unfold :=
[set_solver] already. We use the [naive_solver] tactic as a substitute.
This tactic either fails or proves the goal. *)
Tactic Notation "set_solver" "by" tactic3(tac) :=
try (reflexivity || eassumption);
try fast_done;
intros; setoid_subst;
intros; setoid_subst;
......@@ -34,6 +34,13 @@ is rather efficient when having big hint databases, or expensive [Hint Extern]
declarations as the ones above. *)
Tactic Notation "intuition" := intuition auto.
(* [done] can get slow as it calls "trivial". [fast_done] can solve way less
goals, but it will also always finish quickly. *)
Ltac fast_done :=
solve [ reflexivity | eassumption | symmetry; eassumption ].
Tactic Notation "fast_by" tactic(tac) :=
tac; fast_done.
(** A slightly modified version of Ssreflect's finishing tactic [done]. It
also performs [reflexivity] and uses symmetry of negated equalities. Compared
to Ssreflect's [done], it does not compute the goal's [hnf] so as to avoid
......@@ -42,10 +49,9 @@ Coq's [easy] tactic as it does not perform [inversion]. *)
Ltac done :=
trivial; intros; solve
[ repeat first
[ solve [trivial]
[ fast_done
| solve [trivial]
| solve [symmetry; trivial]
| eassumption
| reflexivity
| discriminate
| contradiction
| solve [apply not_symmetry; trivial]
......@@ -288,7 +294,7 @@ Ltac auto_proper :=
(* Normalize away equalities. *)
(* repeatedly apply congruence lemmas and use the equalities in the hypotheses. *)
try (f_equiv; assumption || (symmetry; assumption) || auto_proper).
try (f_equiv; fast_done || auto_proper).
(** solve_proper solves goals of the form "Proper (R1 ==> R2)", for any
number of relations. All the actual work is done by f_equiv;
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