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A zip_with operation on finite maps.

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......@@ -48,8 +48,8 @@ Class FinMap K M `{FMap M, ∀ A, Lookup K A (M A), ∀ A, Empty (M A), ∀ A,
(** * Derived operations *)
(** All of the following functions are defined in a generic way for arbitrary
finite map implementations. These generic implementations do not cause a
significant performance loss to make including them in the finite map interface
worthwhile. *)
significant performance loss, which justifies including them in the finite map
interface as primitive operations. *)
Instance map_insert `{PartialAlter K A M} : Insert K A M :=
λ i x, partial_alter (λ _, Some x) i.
Instance map_alter `{PartialAlter K A M} : Alter K A M :=
......@@ -116,6 +116,13 @@ Definition map_imap `{∀ A, Insert K A (M A), ∀ A, Empty (M A),
A, FinMapToList K A (M A)} {A B} (f : K A option B) (m : M A) : M B :=
map_of_list (omap (λ ix, (fst ix,) <$> curry f ix) (map_to_list m)).
(* The zip operation on maps combines two maps key-wise. The keys of resulting
map correspond to the keys that are in both maps. *)
Definition map_zip_with `{Merge M} {A B C} (f : A B C) : M A M B M C :=
merge (λ mx my,
match mx, my with Some x, Some y => Some (f x y) | _, _ => None end).
Notation map_zip := (map_zip_with pair).
(* Folds a function [f] over a map. The order in which the function is called
is unspecified. *)
Definition map_fold `{FinMapToList K A M} {B}
......@@ -836,6 +843,14 @@ Proof.
rewrite elem_of_map_to_list in Hj; simplify_option_eq.
(** Properties of the zip_with function *)
Lemma map_lookup_zip_with {A B C} (f : A B C) m1 m2 i :
map_zip_with f m1 m2 !! i = x m1 !! i; y m2 !! i; Some (f x y).
unfold map_zip_with. rewrite lookup_merge by done.
by destruct (m1 !! i), (m2 !! i).
(** ** Properties of conversion from collections *)
Section map_of_to_collection.
Context {A : Type} `{FinCollection B C}.
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