Commit 1aec4451 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Soundness of constant expression evaluation.

parent 34b2d077
......@@ -752,6 +752,14 @@ Proof.
intros l1 l2 Hl.
by rewrite <-(reverse_involutive l1), <-(reverse_involutive l2), Hl.
Lemma sum_list_with_app (f : A nat) l k :
sum_list_with f (l ++ k) = sum_list_with f l + sum_list_with f k.
Proof. induction l; simpl; lia. Qed.
Lemma sum_list_with_reverse (f : A nat) l :
sum_list_with f (reverse l) = sum_list_with f l.
induction l; simpl; rewrite ?reverse_cons, ?sum_list_with_app; simpl; lia.
(** ** Properties of the [last] function *)
Lemma last_snoc x l : last (l ++ [x]) = Some x.
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