Commit 0b7821f1 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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we also need to go below mkSet for \notin

parent 39654079
......@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ Proof. by split; [split | |]; repeat intro. Qed.
Lemma mkSet_elem_of {A} (f : A Prop) x : f x x mkSet f.
Proof. done. Qed.
Lemma mkSet_not_elem_of {A} (f : A Prop) x : ~f x x mkSet f.
Proof. done. Qed.
Instance set_ret : MRet set := λ A (x : A), {[ x ]}.
Instance set_bind : MBind set := λ A B (f : A set B) (X : set A),
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