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Use Ltac2 to avoid unrolling tactic notations with lists.

Janno requested to merge janno/iris:janno/ltac2-ltac1-lists into master

As requested yesterday (during an Ltac2 breakout session at the 3rd iris workshop) I removed all unrolled tactic notations in ltac_tactics.v by using Ltac2/Ltac1 FFI which allows us to iterate over Ltac1 lists.

I had to introduce some auxiliary tactics in places where notation was re-used previously. This no longer works because iIntros (xs) is not expanded to iIntros (x1 .. xN). So every tactic notation that gets re-used in notation further down in the file needs to have an equivalent Ltac tactic that can be called explicitly with all the arguments, especially lists such as xs.

I have no interest in bikeshedding the exact names, locations, indentations, the code factoring, or anything like that. I would very much appreciate somebody taking over these parts. I will gladly answer questions about and help with anything Ltac2-related, of course.

Apart from bikeshedding issues there is really just one question remaining: which lists should be marked non-empty. I saw that iClear for example does not demand an item in the list of coq idents so I wasn't sure if I should follow that example or not. For now I only marked the iExists argument with the ne_ prefix because that tactic definitely didn't accept an empty list before.

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