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length function on lists.

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......@@ -50,6 +50,13 @@ Definition llist_member : val :=
else let: "l" := (Snd "p") in "go" "x" "l"
Definition llength : val :=
rec: "go" "l" :=
match: "l" with
NONE => #0
| SOME "p" => #1 + "go" (Snd "p")
Section lists.
Context `{heapG Σ}.
Implicit Types i : nat.
......@@ -122,4 +129,15 @@ Proof.
wp_op. rewrite Nat2Z.inj_succ -Z.add_1_l Z.add_simpl_l.
wp_apply "IH"; iIntros (hd' Hl). wp_let. by iApply (lcons_spec with "[//]").
Lemma llength_spec hd vs :
{{{ is_list hd vs }}} llength hd {{{ RET #(length vs); True }}}.
iIntros (Φ Hl) "HΦ".
iInduction vs as [|v' vs] "IH" forall (hd Hl Φ); simplify_eq/=.
{ wp_lam. wp_match. by iApply "HΦ". }
destruct Hl as (hd'&->&?). wp_lam. wp_match. wp_proj.
wp_apply ("IH" $! hd' with "[//]"); iIntros "_ /=". wp_op.
rewrite (Nat2Z.inj_add 1). by iApply "HΦ".
End lists.
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