Commit d809751b authored by Daniël Louwrink's avatar Daniël Louwrink Committed by Jonas Kastberg
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remove bounded quantification

parent cfd71586
......@@ -186,12 +186,13 @@ Section subtyping_rules.
iSplit; iIntros "!>" (v); iDestruct 1 as (A) "#Hv";
iExists A; repeat iModIntro; iApply "Hv".
Lemma lty_copyable_exist {k} (Mlow Mup : lty Σ k) C :
( M, Mlow <: M - M <: Mup - lty_copyable (C M)) - lty_copyable (lty_exist Mlow Mup C).
Lemma lty_copyable_exist (C : ltty Σ ltty Σ) :
( M, lty_copyable (C M)) - lty_copyable (lty_exist C).
iIntros "#Hle". rewrite /lty_copyable /tc_opaque.
iApply lty_le_r; last by iApply lty_le_exist_copy.
iApply lty_le_exist; try (iAssumption || iApply lty_le_refl).
iApply lty_le_exist. iApply "Hle".
(* TODO: Try to add Löb induction in the type system, and use it to prove μ → X <:> μ → int → X *)
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