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Added Producer Consumer example code

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From stdpp Require Import sorting.
From Require Import proto_channel proofmode.
From iris.heap_lang Require Import proofmode notation.
From iris.heap_lang Require Import assert.
From iris.heap_lang.lib Require Import spin_lock.
From osiris.utils Require Import list compare.
Definition qenqueue : val := λ: "q" "v", #().
Definition qdequeue : val := λ: "q", #().
Definition qis_empty : val := λ: "q", #().
Definition enq := true.
Definition deq := false.
Definition cont := true.
Definition stop := false.
Definition some := true.
Definition none := false.
Definition dist_queue : val :=
rec: "go" "q" "pc" "cc" "c" :=
if: "cc" #0 then #() else
if: recv "c" (* enq/deq *)
then if: recv "c" (* cont/stop *)
then "go" (qenqueue "q" (recv "c")) "pc" "cc" "c"
else "go" "q" ("pc"-#1) "cc" "c"
else if: (qis_empty "q")
then if: "pc" #0
then send "c" #stop;; "go" "q" "pc" ("cc"-#1) "c"
else send "c" #cont;; send "c" #none;; "go" "q" "pc" "cc" "c"
else send "c" #cont;; send "c" #some;;
let: "qv" := qdequeue "q" in
send "c" (Snd "qv");; "go" (Fst "qv") "pc" "cc" "c".
Definition producer : val :=
rec: "go" "c" "l" "produce" :=
match: "produce" #() with
SOME "v" =>
acquire "l";;
send "c" #enq;; send "c" #cont;; send "c" "v";;
release "l";;
"go" "c" "l" "produce"
| NONE =>
acquire "l";;
send "c" #enq;; send "c" #stop
release "l"
Definition consumer : val :=
rec: "go" "c" "l" "consume" :=
acquire "l";;
send "c" #deq;;
if: recv "c" (* cont/stop *)
then if: recv "c" (* some/none *)
then let: "v" := recv "c" in
release "l";; "produce" "v";; "go" "c" "l" "consume"
else release "l";; "go" "c" "l" "consume"
else release "l";; #().
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