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......@@ -56,14 +56,18 @@ and allow one to gain exclusive ownership of resource shared between multiple
The logical relation is used to show that two example programs are semantically well-typed:
- [theories/examples/pair.v](theories/examples/pair.v): This program performs
- [theories/logrel/examples/pair.v](theories/logrel/examples/pair.v):
This program performs
two sequential receives and stores the results in a pair. It is shown to be
semantically well-typed by applying the semantic typing rules.
- [theories/examples/double.v](theories/examples/double.v): This program
- [theories/logrel/examples/double.v](theories/logrel/examples/double.v): This program
performs two ``racy'' parallel receives on the same channel from two
different threads, using locks to allow the channel to be shared. This
program cannot be shown to be well-typed using the semantic typing rules.
Therefore, a manual proof of the well-typedness is given.
- [theories/examples/subprotocols.v](theories/examples/subprotocols.v):
Contains an example of a subprotocol assertion between two protocols that sends
## Theory of Actris
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