Commit c6253c6e authored by jihgfee's avatar jihgfee
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Updated list sort elem with top-level to receive comparison function

parent b7823a4e
......@@ -47,8 +47,16 @@ Definition list_sort_elem_service : val :=
let: "x" := (if: recv "c1" then recv "c1" else assert #false) in
list_sort_elem_service_merge "cmp" "c" "x" "c1" "c2".
Definition list_sort_elem_service_top : val :=
λ: "c",
let: "cmp" := recv "c" in
list_sort_elem_service "cmp" "c".
Section list_sort_elem.
Context `{!heapG Σ, !proto_chanG Σ} (N : namespace).
Section list_sort_elem_inner.
Context {A} (I : A val iProp Σ) (R : relation A) `{!RelDecision R, !Total R}.
Definition tail_protocol_aux (xs : list (A * val))
......@@ -78,7 +86,7 @@ Section list_sort_elem.
Proof. apply proto_unfold_eq, (fixpoint_unfold head_protocol_aux). Qed.
Definition list_sort_elem_protocol : iProto Σ := head_protocol [].
Lemma list_sort_elem_service_split_spec c c1 c2 xs xs1 xs2 :
c iProto_dual (head_protocol xs) @ N
......@@ -211,4 +219,23 @@ Section list_sort_elem.
by wp_apply (select_spec with "[$Hc]").
- by wp_apply (select_spec with "[$Hc]").
End list_sort_elem_inner.
Definition list_sort_elem_top_protocol : iProto Σ :=
(<!> A (I : A val iProp Σ) (R : A A Prop)
`{!RelDecision R, !Total R} (cmp : val),
MSG cmp {{ cmp_spec I R cmp }};
head_protocol I R [])%proto.
Lemma list_sort_elem_service_top_spec c :
{{{ c iProto_dual list_sort_elem_top_protocol @ N }}}
list_sort_elem_service_top c
{{{ RET #(); c END @ N }}}.
iIntros (Ψ) "Hc HΨ".
wp_recv (? I R ? ? cmp) as "#Hcmp".
wp_apply (list_sort_elem_service_spec with "Hcmp Hc")=> //.
End list_sort_elem.
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