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Added description of subtyping discrepancy in the README

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......@@ -154,3 +154,14 @@ of Actris and the formalization in Coq, that are briefly discussed here.
1. the `▶` in the CPS encoding of protocols,
2. the higher-order ghost state used for ownership of protocols, and
3. the opening of the protocol invariant.
- **Subtyping relation in c↣ prot**
The mechanisation has introduced the notion of subtyping, which allows one to
strengten/weaken the predicates of sends/receives respectively. In particular
this means that the endpoint ownership has been extended with `iProto_le p p'`,
where `p'` is the original protocol used in the ghost state, and `p` is the
protocol denoted by the ownership `c↣ prot`. The effect of this is that the
user can update his own view of the protocol, as long as it is consistent
with the original protocol in the invariant. As such the fundamental aspect of
the ownership still align with that of the paper.
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