Commit 5c645163 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers

Fix some names.

parent 8a13d685
......@@ -243,13 +243,13 @@ Definition proto_own_auth `{!proto_chanG Σ} (γ : proto_name) (s : side)
own (side_elim s proto_l_name proto_r_name γ) (E (Next (to_pre_proto p))).
Definition proto_inv `{!proto_chanG Σ} (γ : proto_name) : iProp Σ :=
( l r pl pr,
chan_own (proto_c_name γ) Left l
chan_own (proto_c_name γ) Right r
( vsl vsr pl pr,
chan_own (proto_c_name γ) Left vsl
chan_own (proto_c_name γ) Right vsr
proto_own_auth γ Left pl
proto_own_auth γ Right pr
((r = [] proto_interp l pl pr)
(l = [] proto_interp r pr pl)))%I.
((vsr = [] proto_interp vsl pl pr)
(vsl = [] proto_interp vsr pr pl)))%I.
Definition protoN := nroot .@ "proto".
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