Commit 4dc8fc9d authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers


parent 51ce4688
......@@ -811,18 +811,11 @@ Section proto.
iApply (proto_interp_le_l with "[H] Hle"). by iApply proto_interp_flip.
Lemma wtf a p1 pc2 :
▷ iProto_le p1 (proto_message a pc2) -∗
◇ ∃ pc2', iProto_le p1 (proto_message a pc2') ∧ ▷ ∀ v pc', pc2 v pc' ≡ pc2' v pc'.
Proof. Admitted.
Lemma proto_interp_send vl pcl vsl vsr pl pr pl' :
proto_interp vsl vsr pl pr -
iProto_le pl (proto_message Send pcl) -
pcl vl (proto_eq_next pl') -
proto_interp (vsl ++ [vl]) vsr pl' pr.
^(length vsr) proto_interp (vsl ++ [vl]) vsr pl' pr.
iIntros "H Hle". iDestruct (proto_interp_le_l with "H Hle") as "H".
clear pl. iIntros "Hpcl". remember (length vsl + length vsr) as n eqn:Hn.
......@@ -837,21 +830,21 @@ Section proto.
rewrite proto_eq_next_dual. iFrame "Hpcl". iApply proto_interp_nil.
- iDestruct "H" as (vl' vsl' pc' pr' ->) "(Hpr & Hpc' & H)".
iDestruct ("IH" with "[%] [//] H Hpcl") as "H"; [simpl; lia|].
iApply (proto_interp_le_r with "[-Hpr] Hpr"); clear pr.
iNext. iApply (proto_interp_le_r with "[-Hpr] Hpr"); clear pr.
iApply proto_interp_unfold. iRight; iLeft.
iExists vl', (vsl' ++ [vl]), pc', pr'. iFrame.
iSplit; [done|]. iApply iProto_le_refl.
- iDestruct "H" as (vr' vsr' pc' pl'' ->) "(Hle & Hpcl' & H)".
- iDestruct "H" as (vr' vsr' pc' pl'' ->) "(Hle & Hpcl' & H) /=".
iDestruct (iProto_le_send_inv with "Hle") as (a pcl') "[Hpc Hle]".
iDestruct (proto_message_equivI with "Hpc") as (<-) "Hpc".
iRewrite ("Hpc" $! vr' (proto_eq_next pl'')) in "Hpcl'"; clear pc'.
iDestruct ("Hle" with "Hpcl' Hpcl")
as (pc1 pc2 pc') "(Hpl'' & Hpl' & Hpc1 & Hpc2)".
iMod (wtf with "Hpl''") as (pc1') "[Hpl'' #Hpc]".
iDestruct (proto_interp_le_l with "H Hpl''") as "H".
iDestruct ("IH" with "[%] [//] H [Hpc1]") as "H"; [simpl; lia|..].
*) Admitted.
as (pc1 pc2 pt) "(Hpl'' & Hpl' & Hpc1 & Hpc2)".
iNext. iDestruct (proto_interp_le_l with "H Hpl''") as "H".
iDestruct ("IH" with "[%] [//] H Hpc1") as "H"; [simpl; lia|..].
iNext. iApply proto_interp_unfold. iRight; iRight.
iExists vr', vsr', _, pt. iSplit; [done|]. by iFrame.
Lemma proto_interp_recv vl vsl vsr pl pr pcr :
proto_interp (vl :: vsl) vsr pl pr -
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