Commit 46799c39 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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More powerful rule for allocation of channels.

parent 6eee4a54
......@@ -697,15 +697,14 @@ Section proto.
(** Specifications of send and receive *)
Lemma new_chan_proto_spec p :
Lemma new_chan_proto_spec :
{{{ True }}}
new_chan #()
{{{ c1 c2, RET (c1,c2); c1 p @ N c2 iProto_dual p @ N }}}.
{{{ c1 c2, RET (c1,c2); ( p, |={}=> c1 p @ N c2 iProto_dual p @ N) }}}.
iIntros (Ψ _) "HΨ". iApply wp_fupd. wp_apply new_chan_spec=> //.
iIntros (c1 c2 γ) "(Hc & Hl & Hr)".
iMod (proto_init γ c1 c2 p with "Hc Hl Hr") as "[Hp Hdp]".
iApply "HΨ". by iFrame.
iIntros (c1 c2 γ) "(Hc & Hl & Hr)". iApply "HΨ"; iIntros "!>" (p).
iApply (proto_init γ c1 c2 p with "Hc Hl Hr").
Lemma start_chan_proto_spec p Ψ (f : val) :
......@@ -714,7 +713,8 @@ Section proto.
WP start_chan f {{ Ψ }}.
iIntros "Hfork HΨ". wp_lam.
wp_apply (new_chan_proto_spec p with "[//]"); iIntros (c1 c2) "[Hc1 Hc2]".
wp_apply (new_chan_proto_spec with "[//]"); iIntros (c1 c2) "Hc".
iMod ("Hc" $! p) as "[Hc1 Hc2]".
wp_apply (wp_fork with "[Hfork Hc2]").
{ iNext. wp_apply ("Hfork" with "Hc2"). }
wp_pures. iApply ("HΨ" with "Hc1").
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