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......@@ -7,9 +7,9 @@ It has been built and tested with the following dependencies
- Coq 8.9.1
- [std++]( at
commit f9830af6.
commit 9041e6d8.
- [iris]( at
commit 0c4e2984.
commit 15f1ac56.
In order to build, install the above dependencies and then run
`make -j [num CPU cores]` to compile Actris.
......@@ -21,12 +21,12 @@ In order to build, install the above dependencies and then run
The theory can be found in `theories/channel`. Some used utilities can be found
in `theories/utils`.
The files correspond to the following:
The files correspond to the following content of the paper:
- `theories/channel/channel.v`: The definitional semantics of bidirectional
channels in HeapLang.
- `theories/channel/proto_model.v`: The CPS model of dependent separation
- `theories/channel/proto_model.v`: The CPS model of Dependent Separation
- `theories/channel/proto_channel.v`: The definition of the connective `↣` for
channel ownership and the proof rules of the Actris logic.
- `theories/channel/proofmode.v`: The Coq tactics for symbolic execution.
......@@ -40,8 +40,8 @@ mechanization in Coq:
* 1. Introduction: `theories/examples/basics.v`
* 2. Tour of Actris
* 2.3 Basic, sort: `theories/examples/sort.v`
* 2.4 Higher-Order Functions, sort_func: `theories/examples/sort.v`
* 2.3 Basic: `theories/examples/sort.v`
* 2.4 Higher-Order Functions: `theories/examples/sort.v`
* 2.5 Branching: `theories/examples/sort_br_del.v`
* 2.6 Recursion: `theories/examples/sort_br_del.v`
* 2.7 Delegation: `theories/examples/sort_br_del.v`
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