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......@@ -11,6 +11,44 @@ It has been built and tested with the following dependencies
In order to build, install the above dependencies and then run
`make -j [num CPU cores]` to compile Actris.
## Logical relation
The logical relation for type safety of the session type system is contained
in the directory [theories/logrel](theories/logrel). The files in this
directory contain the following parts of the paper:
- [theories/logrel/model.v](theories/logrel/model.v): Definition of the
notions of a semantic term type and a semantic session type in terms of
unary Iris predicates (on values) and Actris protocols, respectively. Also
provides the required Coq definitions for creating recursive term/session
- [theories/logrel/term_types.v](theories/logrel/term_types.v): Definitions
of the following semantic term types: basic types (integers, booleans,
unit), sums, products, copyable/affine functions, universally and
existentially quantified types, unique/shared references, and
session-typed channels.
- [theories/logrel/session_types.v](theories/logrel/session_types.v):
Definitions of the following semantic session types: sending and receiving
with session polymorphism, n-ary choice. Session type duality is also
defined here. As mentioned, recursive session types can be defined using
the mechanism defined in [theories/logrel/model.v](theories/logrel/model.v).
- [theories/logrel/environments.v](theories/logrel/environments.v):
Definition of semantic type environments, which are used in the semantic
typing relation. This also contains the rules for splitting and copying of
environments, which is used for distributing affine resources across the
various parts of the program inside the typing rules.
- [theories/logrel/term_typing_judgment.v](theories/logrel/term_typing_judgment.v):
Definition of the semantic typing relation, as well as the proof of type
soundness, showing that semantically well-typed programs do not get stuck.
- [theories/logrel/subtyping.v](theories/logrel/subtyping.v): Definition of
the semantic subtyping relation for both term and session types. This file
also defines the notion of copyability of types in terms of subtyping.
- [theories/logrel/term_typing_rules.v](theories/logrel/term_typing_rules.v):
Semantic typing lemmas (typing rules) for the semantic term types.
- [theories/logrel/session_typing_rules.v](theories/logrel/session.v):
Semantic typing lemmas (typing rules) for the semantic session types.
- [theories/logrel/subtyping_rules.v): Subtyping rules for term types and
session types.
## Theory of Actris
The theory of Actris (semantics of channels, the model, and the proof rules)
......@@ -158,7 +196,7 @@ of Actris and the formalization in Coq, that are briefly discussed here.
for the endpoints and one for connecting them, namely:
- `chan_own γ Left vs1` and `chan_own γ Right vs1`
- `is_chan N γ c1 c2`
Here, `γ` is a ghost name and `N` an invariant name. This setup is less
intuitive but gives rise to a more practical Jacobs/Piessens-style spec of
`recv` that does not need a closing view shift (to handle the case that the
......@@ -183,4 +221,3 @@ of Actris and the formalization in Coq, that are briefly discussed here.
This achieved using the relation `iProto_le p p'`, and the additional rule
`c ↣ p -∗ iProto_le p p' -∗ c ↣ p'`. To support "protocol subtyping", the
definition of `c ↣ p` in the model is changed to be closed under `iProto_le`.
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