Commit 17b869d1 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Different number of mappers and reducers.

parent 16e1b090
......@@ -58,16 +58,16 @@ Definition par_map_reduce_reduce : val :=
Definition cmpZfst : val := λ: "x" "y", Fst "x" Fst "y".
Definition par_map_reduce : val := λ: "n" "map" "red" "xs",
Definition par_map_reduce : val := λ: "n" "m" "map" "red" "xs",
let: "cmap" := start_chan (λ: "c", par_map_service "n" "map" "c") in
let: "csort" := start_chan (λ: "c", sort_service_fg cmpZfst "c") in
par_map_reduce_map "n" "cmap" "csort" "xs";;
send "csort" #stop;;
let: "cred" := start_chan (λ: "c", par_map_service "n" "red" "c") in
let: "cred" := start_chan (λ: "c", par_map_service "m" "red" "c") in
(* We need the first sorted element in the loop to compare subsequent elements *)
if: ~recv "csort" then #() else (* Handle the empty case *)
let: "jy" := recv "csort" in
par_map_reduce_reduce "n" "csort" "cred" (SOME "jy") "xs".
par_map_reduce_reduce "m" "csort" "cred" (SOME "jy") "xs".
(** Properties about the functional version *)
......@@ -271,15 +271,15 @@ Section mapper.
by rewrite right_id_L !assoc_L.
Lemma par_map_reduce_spec n vmap vred l xs :
0 < n
Lemma par_map_reduce_spec n m vmap vred l xs :
0 < n 0 < m
map_spec IA IZB map vmap -
map_spec IZBs IC (curry red) vred -
{{{ llist IA l xs }}}
par_map_reduce #n vmap vred #l
par_map_reduce #n #m vmap vred #l
{{{ zs, RET #(); zs map_reduce map red xs llist IC l zs }}}.
iIntros (?) "#Hmap #Hred !>"; iIntros (Φ) "Hl HΦ". wp_lam; wp_pures.
iIntros (??) "#Hmap #Hred !>"; iIntros (Φ) "Hl HΦ". wp_lam; wp_pures.
wp_apply (start_chan_proto_spec (par_map_protocol IA IZB map n ));
iIntros (cmap) "// Hcmap".
{ wp_pures. wp_apply (par_map_service_spec with "Hmap Hcmap"); auto. }
......@@ -291,7 +291,7 @@ Section mapper.
wp_apply (par_map_reduce_map_spec with "[$Hl $Hcmap $Hcsort]"); first lia.
iIntros (iys). rewrite gmultiset_elements_empty right_id_L.
iDestruct 1 as (Hiys) "[Hl Hcsort] /=". wp_select; wp_pures; simpl.
wp_apply (start_chan_proto_spec (par_map_protocol IZBs IC (curry red) n ));
wp_apply (start_chan_proto_spec (par_map_protocol IZBs IC (curry red) m ));
iIntros (cred) "// Hcred".
{ wp_pures. wp_apply (par_map_service_spec with "Hred Hcred"); auto. }
wp_branch as %_|%Hnil; last first.
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