Commit 0eb2c8f4 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Some missing internal equality lemmas for protocols.

parent 1cd5df3d
......@@ -115,6 +115,16 @@ Proof.
rewrite /proto_message !proto_unfold_fold bi.option_equivI bi.prod_equivI /=.
by rewrite bi.discrete_fun_equivI bi.discrete_eq.
Lemma proto_message_end_equivI {SPROP : sbi} {V} `{!Cofe PROPn, !Cofe PROP} a pc :
proto_message (V:=V) (PROPn:=PROPn) (PROP:=PROP) a pc proto_end @{SPROP} False.
trans (proto_unfold (proto_message a pc) proto_unfold proto_end : SPROP)%I.
{ iIntros "Heq". by iRewrite "Heq". }
by rewrite /proto_message !proto_unfold_fold bi.option_equivI.
Lemma proto_end_message_equivI {SPROP : sbi} {V} `{!Cofe PROPn, !Cofe PROP} a pc :
proto_end proto_message (V:=V) (PROPn:=PROPn) (PROP:=PROP) a pc @{SPROP} False.
Proof. by rewrite bi.internal_eq_sym proto_message_end_equivI. Qed.
Definition proto_cont_map
`{!Cofe PROPn, !Cofe PROPn', !Cofe PROP, !Cofe PROP', !Cofe A, !Cofe B}
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