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Updated variable rule to be in line with paper version

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......@@ -16,11 +16,13 @@ Section properties.
(** Variable properties *)
Lemma ltyped_var Γ (x : string) A :
Γ !! x = Some A Γ x : A delete x Γ.
<[x := A]>Γ x : A delete x Γ.
iIntros (HΓx) "!>"; iIntros (vs) "HΓ /=".
iDestruct (env_ltyped_lookup with "HΓ") as (v ->) "[HA HΓ]"; first done.
iApply wp_value. eauto with iFrame.
iIntros "!>" (vs) "HΓ /=".
iDestruct (env_ltyped_lookup with "HΓ") as (v ->) "[HA HΓ]";
first by apply lookup_insert.
iApply wp_value. iFrame "HA".
by rewrite delete_insert_delete.
(** Subtyping *)
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