Commit c3c31e88 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Deallocation local updates for gset.

parent 5631e485
......@@ -174,6 +174,23 @@ Section gset_disj.
Proof. eauto using gset_disj_alloc_empty_updateP. Qed.
End fresh_updates.
Lemma gset_disj_dealloc_local_update X Y Xf :
GSet X ~l~> GSet (X Y) @ Some (GSet Xf).
apply local_update_total; split; simpl.
{ rewrite !gset_disj_valid_op; set_solver. }
intros mZ ?%gset_disj_valid_op. rewrite gset_disj_union //.
destruct mZ as [[Z|]|]; simpl; try done.
- rewrite {1}/op {1}/cmra_op /=. destruct (decide _); simpl; try done.
intros [=]. do 2 f_equal. by apply union_cancel_l_L with X.
- intros [=]. assert (Xf = ) as -> by set_solver. by rewrite right_id.
Lemma gset_disj_dealloc_empty_local_update X Xf :
GSet X ~l~> GSet @ Some (GSet Xf).
rewrite -(difference_diag_L X). apply gset_disj_dealloc_local_update.
Lemma gset_disj_alloc_local_update X i Xf :
i X i Xf GSet X ~l~> GSet ({[i]} X) @ Some (GSet Xf).
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