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......@@ -66,10 +66,7 @@ Section sts.
Lemma sts_ownS_op γ S1 S2 T1 T2 :
T1 T2 sts.closed S1 T1 sts.closed S2 T2
sts_ownS γ (S1 S2) (T1 T2) (sts_ownS γ S1 T1 sts_ownS γ S2 T2)%I.
intros HT HS1 HS2. rewrite /sts_ownS -own_op.
by apply own_proper, sts_op_frag.
Proof. intros. by rewrite /sts_ownS -own_op sts_op_frag. Qed.
Lemma sts_alloc E N s :
nclose N E
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