Commit e4c30558 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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make box_fill more symmetric to box_empty

parent 995f46d3
......@@ -131,16 +131,16 @@ Proof.
- iExists Φ; by iSplit; [iNext|].
Lemma box_fill f γ b P Q :
f !! γ = Some b
Lemma box_fill f γ P Q :
f !! γ = Some false
(box_slice N γ Q Q box N f P) |={N}=> box N (<[γ:=true]> f) P.
iIntros {?} "(#Hinv & HQ & H)"; iDestruct "H" as {Φ} "[#HeqP Hf]".
iInv N as {b'} "(Hγ & #HγQ & _)"; iTimeless "Hγ".
iDestruct (big_sepM_later _ f with "Hf") as "Hf".
iDestruct (big_sepM_delete _ f _ b with "Hf")
iDestruct (big_sepM_delete _ f _ false with "Hf")
as "[[Hγ' #[HγΦ Hinv']] ?]"; first done; iTimeless "Hγ'".
iPvs (box_own_auth_update _ γ b' b true with "[Hγ Hγ']")
iPvs (box_own_auth_update _ γ b' false true with "[Hγ Hγ']")
as "[Hγ Hγ']"; first by iFrame "Hγ".
iPvsIntro; iNext; iSplitL "Hγ HQ"; first (iExists true; by iFrame "Hγ HQ").
iExists Φ; iSplit.
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