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add some automation related to disjointness of namespaces

parent adf3a991
......@@ -53,4 +53,27 @@ Section ndisjoint.
rewrite !list_encode_app !assoc in Hq.
by eapply Hne, list_encode_suffix_eq.
End ndisjoint.
\ No newline at end of file
End ndisjoint.
(* This tactic solves goals about inclusion and disjointness
of masks (i.e., coPsets) with solve_elem_of, taking
disjointness of namespaces into account. *)
(* TODO: This tactic is by far now yet as powerful as it should be.
For example, given N1 N2, it should be able to solve
nclose (ndot N1 x) N2 . It should also solve
(ndot N x) (ndot N y) if x y is in the context or
follows from [discriminate]. *)
Ltac solve_elem_of_ndisj :=
repeat match goal with
(* TODO: Restrict these to have type namespace *)
| [ H : (?N1 ?N2) |-_ ] => apply ndisj_disjoint in H
(* TODO: restrict this to match only if this is of coPset *)
Hint Extern 500 (_ _) => solve_elem_of_ndisj : ndisj.
(* The hope is that registering these will suffice to solve most goals
of the form N1 N2.
TODO: Can this prove x y if discriminate can? *)
Hint Resolve ndot_ne_disjoint : ndisj.
Hint Resolve ndot_preserve_disjoint_l : ndisj.
Hint Resolve ndot_preserve_disjoint_r : ndisj.
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