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proof mk_srv

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......@@ -12,18 +12,24 @@ Definition srv : val :=
| InjR "_" => "srv" "f" "p"
Definition wait: val :=
rec: "wait" "p" :=
match: !"p" with
InjR "r" => "p" <- #0 ;; "r"
| InjL "_" => "wait" "p"
Definition mk_srv : val :=
λ: "f",
let: "l" := newlock #() in
let: "p" := ref (InjR #0)%V in
let: "l" := newlock #() in
Fork (srv "f" "p");;
rec: "wait" "x" :=
λ: "x",
acquire "l";;
"p" <- InjL "x"
match: !"p" with
InjR "r" => "p" <- #0 ;; "r"
| InjL "_" => "wait" "x"
"p" <- InjL "x";;
let: "ret" := wait "p" in
release "l";;
(* play with some algebraic structure to see what fit ... *)
......@@ -49,4 +55,57 @@ Proof. intros [?%subG_inG _]%subG_inv. split; apply _. Qed.
Section proof.
Context `{!heapG Σ, !lockG Σ, !srvG Σ} (N : namespace).
Definition srv_inv
(γ: gname) (p: loc)
(Q: val val Prop): iProp Σ :=
(( x: val, p InjRV x)
( (x: val) (γ2: gname), p InjLV x own γ ((1/2)%Qp, DecAgree x) own γ2 (Excl ()))
( (x y: val) (γ2: gname), p InjRV y own γ ((1/2)%Qp, DecAgree x) Q x y own γ2 (Excl ())))%I.
Lemma srv_inv_timeless γ p Q: TimelessP (srv_inv γ p Q).
Proof. apply _. Qed.
Lemma mk_srv_spec (f: val) Q:
heapN N
heap_ctx ( x:val, WP f x {{ v, Q x v }})
WP mk_srv f {{ f', ( x:val, WP f' x {{ v, Q x v }})}}.
iIntros (HN) "[#Hh #Hf]".
wp_let. wp_alloc p as "Hp".
iVs (own_alloc (Excl ())) as (γ1) "Hγ1"; first done.
iVs (own_alloc (1%Qp, DecAgree #0)) as (γ2) "Hγ2"; first done.
iVs (inv_alloc N _ (srv_inv γ1 γ2 p Q) with "[Hp Hγ1]") as "#?".
{ iNext. rewrite /srv_inv. iLeft. iExists #0. by iFrame. }
wp_let. wp_bind (newlock _).
iApply newlock_spec=>//. iFrame "Hh".
iAssert ( x: val, own γ2 (1%Qp, DecAgree x))%I with "[Hγ2]" as "Hinv"; first by eauto.
iFrame "Hinv". iIntros (lk γ) "#Hlk".
wp_let. wp_apply wp_fork.
- (* client closure *)
iVsIntro. wp_seq. iVsIntro.
iAlways. iIntros (x).
iLöb as "IH". wp_rec.
wp_bind (acquire _). iApply acquire_spec.
iFrame "Hlk". iIntros "Hlked Ho". iDestruct "Ho" as (x') "Ho".
wp_seq. wp_bind (_ <- _)%E.
iInv N as ">Hinv" "Hclose".
rewrite /srv_inv.
iDestruct "Hinv" as "[Hinv|[Hinv|Hinv]]".
+ iDestruct "Hinv" as (x'') "Hp".
iAssert (own γ2 (1%Qp, DecAgree x') - (own γ2 ((1/2)%Qp, DecAgree x) own γ2 ((1/2)%Qp, DecAgree x)))%I as "Hsplit".
{ admit. }
iDestruct ("Hsplit" with "Ho") as "[Ho1 Ho2]".
iVs ("Hclose" with "[Hlked Hp Ho1]").
* rewrite /locked. iNext. iRight. iLeft.
iExists x. iFrame.
+ (* Impossible: reenter locked *)
iExFalso. admit.
+ (* Impossible: reenter locked *)
iExFalso. admit.
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