Commit 8414e5ff authored by Heiko Becker's avatar Heiko Becker

Extract general RoundoffErrorValidator

parent c8684a1e
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
Require Import Coq.Reals.Reals Coq.QArith.Qreals.
Require Import Flover.Infra.RealSimps Flover.Infra.RationalSimps Flover.Infra.RealRationalProps Flover.Infra.Ltacs.
Require Import Flover.RealRangeValidator Flover.ErrorValidation Flover.Environments Flover.Typing Flover.FPRangeValidator.
Require Import Flover.RealRangeValidator Flover.RoundoffErrorValidator Flover.Environments Flover.Typing Flover.FPRangeValidator.
Require Export Coq.QArith.QArith.
Require Export Flover.Infra.ExpressionAbbrevs Flover.Commands.
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ Definition CertificateChecker (e:expr Q) (absenv:analysisResult) (P:precond) (de
if (typeCheck e defVars tMap)
if RangeValidator e absenv P && FPRangeValidator e absenv tMap NatSet.empty
then (validErrorbound e tMap absenv NatSet.empty)
then RoundoffErrorValidator e tMap absenv NatSet.empty
else false
else false.
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ Proof.
edestruct (RangeValidator_sound e absenv (P:=P) (Gamma:=defVars) (E:=E1))
as [iv_e [ err_e [vR [ map_e [eval_real real_bounds_e]]]]]; eauto.
destruct iv_e as [elo ehi].
edestruct (validErrorbound_sound e (typeMap defVars e (FloverMap.empty mType)) L approxE1E2 H0 eval_real R0 L1 H P_valid H1 map_e) as [[vF [mF eval_float]] err_bounded]; auto.
edestruct (RoundoffErrorValidator_sound e (typeMap defVars e (FloverMap.empty mType)) L approxE1E2 H0 eval_real R0 L1 H P_valid H1 map_e) as [[vF [mF eval_float]] err_bounded]; auto.
exists (elo, ehi), err_e, vR, vF, mF; split; auto.
From Coq
Require Import Reals.Reals QArith.Qreals.
From Flover
Require Export Infra.ExpressionAbbrevs ErrorValidation.
Definition RoundoffErrorValidator (e:expr Q) (tMap:FloverMap.t mType) (A:analysisResult) (dVars:NatSet.t) :=
(* if *)
validErrorbound e tMap A dVars.
(*then true *)
(* else validAffineErrorBounds e A tMap dVars *)
Theorem RoundoffErrorValidator_sound:
forall (e : expr Q) (E1 E2 : env) (fVars dVars : NatSet.t) (A : analysisResult)
(nR : R) (err : error) (P : precond) (elo ehi : Q) (Gamma : FloverMap.t mType)
(defVars : nat -> option mType),
Typing.typeCheck e defVars Gamma = true ->
Environments.approxEnv E1 defVars A fVars dVars E2 ->
NatSet.Subset (usedVars e -- dVars) fVars ->
eval_expr E1 (toRMap defVars) (toREval (toRExp e)) nR REAL ->
RoundoffErrorValidator e Gamma A dVars = true ->
IntervalValidation.validIntervalbounds e A P dVars = true ->
IntervalValidation.dVars_range_valid dVars E1 A ->
IntervalValidation.fVars_P_sound fVars E1 P ->
IntervalValidation.vars_typed (fVars dVars) defVars ->
FloverMap.find (elt:=intv * error) e A = Some (elo, ehi, err) ->
(exists (nF : R) (m : mType), eval_expr E2 defVars (toRExp e) nF m) /\
(forall (nF : R) (m : mType), eval_expr E2 defVars (toRExp e) nF m -> (Rabs (nR - nF) <= Q2R err)%R).
cbn in *.
eapply validErrorbound_sound; eauto.
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